R. Carter offers a wide range of cleaning services geared to industrial and maritime needs - all 
                                                           performed to the highest standards by trained personnel.
                                                              –  Tank Cleaning
                                                              –  Water Jet Cleaning
                                                              –  Degreasing
                                                              –  Chemical Cleaning
                                                              –  Pickling
                                                              –  Hot Oil Flush
                                                              –  Descaling
                                                              –  Disposal
                                                              –  Hydrostatic Testing to 16,000 psi
                                                              –  Bore Scope of pipe 1-1/2" and above
                                                              –  Ventilation Duct Cleaning
                                                                     (Certified National Air Duct Cleaners Association NADCA
                                                                          as Air Duct Cleaning Specialist ADCS.)
                                                              –  Ventilation System Mold Remediation

                                                        Reception facilities utilized for disposal of waste:
                                                            -Waste Oil Collectors, Inc          		EPA #MS000833293
                                                            -O.R.C.                                    		EPA #MSALD0146864591

                                                        Extensive experience in environments such as:
                                                                Boiler Waterside – Chemical Cleaning 
                                                                Boiler Fireside – Hyrdoblast
                                                                                     Cht System – Hydraulic & Gas-free
                                                                   CPP Hydraulic System – Chemical Clean & Flush
                                                                   LP Air System Piping – Chemical Clean & Flush
                                                                   AFFF System  Flush & Hydro-test 
                                                                Fuel Oil Heaters – Chemical Clean & Flush 
                                                                Engine Lube Oil System – Clean & Flush 
                                                                   Steering Gear Piping – Flush 
                                                                   Portable Water Piping – Flush/Hydroblast 
                                                                 Chemical Tanks – Chemical Clean/Hydroblast 
                                                                Petroleum Tanks – Gas-free/Hydroblast 
                                                                   Steam Turbines – Oil Flush  
                                                                Heat Exchangers – On Site Chemical Cleaning 
                                                                   Inerting – Fuel Oil Tank For Hot Work